The Club uses an airfield in Elliston, provided by Montgomery County Parks and Recreation. It is located halfway between Christiansburg and Roanoke, just off Highway 460, and just south of the Rowe Furniture plant.  The field is right behind the Elliston Volunteer Fire Department.

GPS/Map location: 5001 Enterprise Drive, Elliston, VA 24087
Spectators: Spectators are allowed, as long as they're behind the flight line. 
Restrooms: restrooms are available at the nearby fire station.
Picnic facilities: 2 picnic tables are located at the field.
Hazards: the field is boardered by trees, but there is plenty of room for park flyers and beyond.  
Noise: No jet aircraft allowed.
AMA license: a full AMA license is required to fly, as well as Montgomery County Parks permit.

A permit is required to use the airfield. User permits are included in club membership, though membership is not required to obtain a permit.  Full AMA membership is required to fly, per our club charter.


Our location in Southwest Virginia